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AP '06
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I miss AP! 
4th-Oct-2006 09:53 pm
OK, I know this is random, and we've all been at college for forever it seems, but I all of a sudden I started to miss AP all of a sudden horribly. I miss our crazy conversations, finding twisted, sexual symbolism in everything, reading (or not reading) and just saying whatever we felt like, food and coming late to class, and well, I guess everything. Where is everyone? Anyway, a love all you guys, and I hope college is going wonderful. (But of course it couldn't be as exciting as AP!)

9th-Feb-2007 10:22 pm (UTC) - Found!
I just found this site! I miss you all. My new class is fine, but we shared so many memorable times together that can't be replaced. I have seen Scott, Jason, Kathryn, Becky, Melody, and Kelsey and have "talked" on mine to Caitlin. Let me know how you're doing! The kids HATED "The Metamorphosis" but do seem to enjoy hot chocolate day.
Mrs. N
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